To create greater work & world life balance with greater collaborate between all sectors. Respect and support for talent, difference and personal interests, life and family. Where all good causes can access affordable expert service, regardless of size income or status.


Ingenious Group’s journey began in 1998 when a group of like-minded charity leaders developed a collaborative talent network, united in a shared commitment to smart working and accessible support for worthwhile projects. The group launched in 2000 pioneering an innovative new framework, that closely matched the skills and personal interests of their not for profit professionals, and assigning them to organisations where they could deliver impactful challenging client projects. For the last 17 years, this framework has remained at its core, creating affordable, and accessible experts for some of Britain’s most worthwhile and challenging causes.


Honest, Pragmatic, Pioneering, Authentic, Solid, Dependable, Loyal, Inventive, Resourceful and of course Ingenious.


Our network of charity professionals gained their skills and experience from leading high profile campaigns and innovative income generation strategies from many of Britain’s most admired and trusted causes. While some started out in working life in the corporate sector all went on to learn their craft, from managing talented teams across fundraising, marketing, communications and income generation initiatives. This means they truly understand the sector, the issues and challenges that matter. With project management skills and experience that is second to none, they know what it takes to deliver results for our clients, on time and on budget.